Coming Up / 29/11/2017

Various Artists – Scopex: 1998-2000 [Tresor]


It was a very exciting day indeed when Tresor announced they were to reissue the entire back catalogue of cult UK label Scopex on one release. Comprising the EPs Simm City and Out Of Ether by Simulant, as well as Pollon’s Electratech, Tresor provide accessibility to records that have become exceedingly rare and expensive since first they were released between 1998 and 2000. Scopex was electro at it’s most futuristic and spaced out, with ambient synth patterns and vocoded lamentations taking centre stage – making this an absolutely essential release.

John Selway / Seltav – Shimmerdown b/w SPQR [Future Times]


The latest offering from Max D’s Future Times imprint is a two-track reissue of works by American producer John Selway. The deep, floaty groove of ‘Shimmerdown’, a track originally released twenty years ago on Selway’s own CSM label, currently reaches prices exceeding £100 on Discogs; whilst ‘SPQR’, a 2000 collaboration with Andrea Taverna, has also become something of a rarity. For these two fantastic productions to see new light is very encouraging, and hopefully a sign of more to come from Future Times (in the future).

Jules Venturini – Whities 014 [Whities]

For the last couple of years Nic Tasker’s Whities imprint has been one of the most exciting in the UK and beyond. Regularly releasing music from the likes of Avalon Emerson, Minor Science and Reckonwrong, the label has built up an impressive roster of artists. For their final full release of 2017, Tasker welcomes Jules Venturini for his label debut. With a release on fledgling Warsaw imprint Brutaz and two white labels under his Catch moniker, the London-based producer and record collector extraordinaire brings his unique, measured style to new ears. Opening with busy strings and whistling woodwind, the eleven-minute odyssey ‘Flying Kites’, with the assistance of angelic vocal stabs, ascends to dizzying symphonic heights before falling atop a brazen kick drum to glorious effect. ‘Keep Me Close’ and ‘Trace Of Smoke’ follow in similar fashion, toeing the line between calm and chaos without ever sounding anything less than totally epic.

Overmono – Arla III [XL]

Tessela and Truss’ Overmono project reaches it’s third incarnation with the release of Arla III on XL. By now the duo’s sound has been firmly established, the two brothers combining brash, ravey tendencies with a more delicate, overtly emotional ambience to create powerful records ripe for dancefloor exploitation.

Stenny – Old Bad Habits [Ilian Tape]

If Ilian Tape’s latest release is a genuine reflection of habits Stenny considers to be old and bad, maybe he shouldn’t slip out of committing them just yet. The usual Ilian preference for reverb-heavy percussion and dramatic chord sequences succeeds once again, with three tracks of visceral, chaotic techno to tuck into. With every new release on the imprint we wonder if we are becoming tired of the sound, but by the time each record finishes are thoughts seem always to stray in quite the opposite direction.

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