Coming Up | 06/12/2017

Nabihah Iqbal – Weighing Of The Heart [Ninja Tune]


Leaving behind her Throwing Shade alias to embrace her birth name of Nabihah Iqbal, Ninja Tune’s latest signee outwardly channels her pride in being a female British Asian producer of electronic music. After several years toeing a line somewhere between dream-pop and IDM, Weighing of the Heart bears confirmation of Iqbal not just as an accomplished and nuanced producer, but also as a songwriter of exceptional skill and character. Reminiscent of artists such as Hole and Human League, Bauhaus and Best Coast, this guitar drenched record is full of fantastic songs from start to finish, with tracks like ‘Zone 1 to 6000’ holding potential to propel the London-based artist into new realms of popularity.

Derek Carr – Voyager [Into The Deep]


Without suggesting that his music was any less relevant than ever before, Derek Carr seems to have returned to the limelight of late, with a string of reissued tracks along with new additions on For Those That Knoe, also bolstered by a fantastic EP on Steve Rutter’s Firescope and now with Voyager on Into The Deep RecordsCarr is truly a master of his craft and this is showcased on Voyager, four tracks of emotive electro and techno, beautifully constructed drum patterns laden with futuristic synths and grooving basslines. This one really isn’t one to miss!

Terekke – Plant Age [L.I.E.S.]

The long-awaited centennial release on Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. comes from long-time collaborator Terekke. The producer’s debut LP, Plant Age delves into the realms of lo-fi often associated with the label, but to heights rarely achieved either there or elsewhere. Beatless dubby excursions coalesce with probing basslines and smatterings of percussion to create a beautiful album of shimmering ambience.

Digregorius – Alto Astral [My Own Jupiter]

The seventh release on Edurne and Nicolas Lutz’ imprint My Own Jupiter comes from Digregorius, marking his second appearance on the label after 2016’s 4xLP Tal Y Tanto Arriba Tal Y Tanto Abajo. The Uruguayan producer’s affinity with early rave sounds is clear across his music: sprightly synth melodies, crunching acid and jaunty breaks collide in this spaced out, slow burner of bleeps n’ bloops. Alto Astral‘s four tracks are all ripe not just for the dancefloor, but for any dancefloor – Digregorius’ imagination outweighing temporal expectations of set structure.

Palta – Universel [Melody As Truth]

The latest record on Amsterdam-based Melody As Truth comes from Palta, more commonly known as Central: the brains behind one of the standout hits of 2017 on Regelbau – ‘Drive’. Whilst DJ Sports’ club-ready mix arguably gained more acclaim, Central’s original mix bore charm and style in equal measure – comprising minimal, delicate percussion and floaty synth pads – a style that encapsulates his M.A.T. debut. Highly emotive, the album’s five tracks possess gorgeous depth of sound at both high and low ends, complimented by an array of percussive elements including the gentle caressing of tom-toms that gives Universel its warm, settling feel.

Simo Cell – Pour Le Club! [Livity Sound]

If one were to surmise the Livity ‘sound’ in the title of a record, then Simo Cell might be one to turn to for pointers. Pour Le Club! is peak Livity: ‘Techno. Sound System Frequencies. Body Music.’ proclaims the wholly appropriate bio on their Bandcamp. Sticking to this philosophy Simo Cell melds off-kilter synth melodies and stirring bass notes with percussion that furls and unfurls around moments of pure delirium, even breaking out into half-time territory on closer ‘Feel Di Kouala Vybz’. DJs… ready your dancefloors.

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