Coming Up | 20/12/2017

Aleksi Perälä – Paradox [трип]


One of the most accomplished and prolific artists of the past decade, Aleksi Perälä’s latest endeavour for Nina Kraviz’s TRIP imprint has to be up there with the best of his work. At its styalistic core Paradox bares resemblance to much of his previous work, delving somewhere between the worlds of techno and electro to forge fast-paced, ambient odysseys. However, whilst the spaced out synth pads and symphony of bleeps ‘n bloops reign still, the link up with Kraviz has spawned a record attuned more for moments of mass-dancefloor hysteria than floating, private meditation.

Burnt Friedman – Anthology, 1980-2017 [Nonplace]


Following on from a compilation covering the years 1999 to 2013, Burnt Friedman closes out 2017 with an even larger collection spanning almost four decades from 1980 to the present day. Anthology, 1980-2017 gives an insight into the development of the German producer’s sound: from humble, experimental beginnings in the 1980s, to the nuanced productions we expect of him today. Whilst Friedman’s tightening grasp of his craft grows evidently as time passes, compromising his own style never enters the agenda. Despite technological advances in instant-composition, programming and recording, the dark pulsating ambience of ‘Ochlott’ (1988) could quite comfortably sit on a record aside ‘Acroagnosis’ (2016).

Sampha – Process Remixes [Young Turks]

Despite collaborations with the likes of Drake and Solange pushing Sampha into the realm of superstardom, the Morden-born singer-songwriter’s routes are firmly in UK-Dance music, exemplified by his relationship with the Young Turks imprint and associations with artists such as Bullion, Lil Silva and, most notably, SBTRKT. With this in mind, it is no surprise that remix duties for his critically-acclaimed album Process fall to Batu, Bambounou and Parris. Whilst Batu takes on album opener ‘Plastic 100°C’, turning it into a dark and bleepy UK-techno stomper, the latter keep the vocals as the centre-piece, twisting Sampha’s voice around glistening ambient soundscapes to round off a fantastic advert for British electronic music.

Sonar Base – Sonar Bases 4 – 10 [Deeptrax Records]

Twenty years after it’s initial release on seminal Dutch label U-Trax, Frank de Groodt’s Sonar Bases 4 – 10, the imprint’s final release, is given a much welcomed reissue. Seventy-minutes in length, the eight-track album is awash with swooning electro, shimmering ambience and intergalactic grooves that rise and fall through beautifully elongated, carefully progressing cuts . Declared by Deeptrax Records as the first of several Sonar Base reissues, this isn’t one to be missed.

Various Artists – Duomo Sounds Ltd. – Nigerian 80’s Disco Music To Move Your Soul [Odion Livingstone]

The first compilation from the newly-formed Lagos-based imprint Odion Livingstone is a collection of Nigerian disco treasures released by contemporary powerhouse Duomo Sounds Ltd. between 1980 and 1984. Now laregly forgotten by international audiences, Duomo Sounds was a hugely influential label in Nigeria at the time, with it’s first release (Bassey Black’s Somebody To Love) selling over 100,000 copies. A fusion of traditional highlife sounds with the recently occured worldwide disco phenomenon, Disco To Move Your Soul provides a snapshot of the label’s very best work.

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