12 Days Of 2017 | 009: ROAR

‘Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix)’ – EOD

I came across this track through Bjarki’s label ‘bbbbbb‘ records that kicked off at the beginning of 2017 The Volruptus ‘Homeblast’ EP, released in Summer, also definitely deserves a mention. After the big reaction playing ‘Alien Transmissions’ at the CUR Showcase and then being completely ecstatic hearing it being dropped in the basement of Tresor on NYD.

In ‘Swurlk Snarlfingercroak Mix’, right from the start, each element that comes in gives me that skin tingling feeling. Especially the messy acid line, the melody at the first breakdown and of course when it trips back into full throttle.

The first track I had heard from EOD was ‘Return To Star Base Zero’, released on the incredible Rephlex, but I have the Swurlk EP to thank for leading me onto realise the full extent of Stian Gjevik’s releases under the aliases EOD & CN.

Be sure to check out ROAR‘s superb ‘Live At 25’ mix alongside Katiusha.

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