12 Days Of 2017 | 010: Christian Eede

‘Who Me?’ – LAPS

Ladies As Pimps – or LAPS for short – is the side project of Golden Teacher’s Cassie Ojay (AKA Lady Two Collars) and Alicia Matthews (AKA Sue Zuki) from Organs Of Love. Their previous outfits have exported some of the best music from Glasgow’s underground scene in recent years, with both operating out of The Green Door Studio in the city, their respective projects frequently meshing electronic music with lashings of dub and post-punk influences. That spirit continues with their work as LAPS, and their debut record proper which was released last year via Music Inspires Change.

Relatively skeletal in its structure, expertly programmed dub sound FX and a strident bassline punctuate the record’s lead track and highlight ‘Who Me?’, with Ojay delivering typically deadpan, brassy spoken word vocals that alternate between English and French. On this record, the duo fully arrived with a jolt of unabashed, blasé energy, something Ojay later followed up on in the latter stages of 2017 via Golden Teacher’s also excellent debut full length, No Luscious Life.

Check out Christian‘s excellent mix for Mantissa and his work for The Quietus.

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