12 Days Of 2017 | 011: Merrin

‘Aunty Wendy’s Wedding In Wales’ – Desert Sound Colony

I first heard this tune during Katiusha and Roar‘s blistering set at the last Come Up Records party. Warped breakbeats, rattling bass, earworm melodies and wicked bleeps ‘n’ bloops got me asking fellow Open Access Zone member and ID-extraordinaire Christian Eede what tune it was, to which he replied that it was by someone who’d made another tune I’d asked him for at one of our regular mixing sessions we have with the rest of OAZ. As happens with mid party conversations, I completely forgot about the whole thing – fast forward a couple months, during an impromptu trip to the end of Fabric’s 30 hour 18th birthday party, as me and a couple mates straggled through Craig Richards’s closing set (only my 6th hour of being there to be fair), the same tune was dropped to an equally rapturous response from me and my friend Zac who I had been at the Come Up Records party with. Once again my search for the tune led me to asking Christian what it was, for him to remind me of the time that I’d asked him at the Come Up Records party. This time I wouldn’t forget and having informed me it was unreleased, I awaited eagerly for the opportunity to play it myself.

Fast forward again to December (once it had been released), and the opportunity to play it at a couple of loose affairs finally arose, including a pretty silly reunion party in Essex alongside the CUR boys, which aptly solidified it’s status as a properly wonky, excellently produced belter of understated yet massive proportions – easily one of my favourite tunes of the year. A nod must be made to the rest of the great release it’s a part of, which exemplifies DSC’s entirely competent ability to craft original amalgamations of bassy, tech housey breakbeat groovers.

Check out Merrin‘s superb mix for us here.

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