Coming Up | 10/01/2018

KOSH – Null 212 [Casa Voyager]


A relatively new label on the circuit hailing from Morocco, Casa Voyager present their second EP to date: newcomer KOSH’s Null 212. Funky electro is the name of the game here, executed as if by a seasoned pro. The choice cut here is the title track, combining well crafted breaks with lush sonic landscapes filled with the best bleepy bloopery going. Another sterling effort from the young label!


 Junes – Circuit Rift [Galdoors]


Galdoors main main Neil McDermott aka Junes comes through with his fourth record on the imprint: Circuit Rift. As on previous efforts, Junes’ minimalist core is tempered by frequent nods towards the late 90s/early 00s tech house and garage sounds of his British homeland. ‘Awake’ is exemplary of this – short, snappy percussion and airy synth pads sitting astride a bassline reminiscent of Bushwacka! or Terry Francis. The EPs other two tracks share similar groove heavy, ambient settings, bookending a highly enjoyable record.


Sonoko – Les Anges, Les Bonheurs [STROOM 〰]


Fresh from inclusion in our 12 Days Of 2017 feature, Belgian label STROOM come through with their first release of the new year. Sonoko’s Les Anges, Les Bonheurs is most aptly named. Thirty years since the release of her last single the Japanese singer-songwriter opens up 2018 with an EP of true artistry: offering stunning soundscapes in which her blissful and wonderfully layered synth work and echoing vocals flood over you in emotionally charged waves. The record’s four tracks range stylistically between trip hop and synth pop, even including a mesmerising piano solo. United by uplifting ambience and dreamy vocals the records various threads combine – turning the release into something truly beautiful.


Bass Clef – (minimum wage) (zero hours) (infinite forest) [Open Hand Real Flames]


With three single tracks comprising (minimum wage) (zero hours) (infinite forest)‘s hour-long run time, the first record from Bass Clef’s newly formed Open Hands, Real Flames imprint is as introspective as they come. With a professed aim to ‘release music that is multi-bpm, anti-genre and full of heart’, the label is certainly kicking off things in like fashion. Slow and considered, each track takes an age to get where it is going but, like a long, scenic train ride – there are many gorgeous, intricate pleasantries and surprises to keep you occupied along the way.


Leonardo Martelli – Menti Singole, Vol. 2 [Antidote]


Leonardo Martelli follows up 2015’s Menti Singole with it’s second edition on Antinote. Whilst the initial release was profusely stuck in the realm of lo-fi, with this latest effort Martelli appears to have shrugged off the pretension to create an EP full of style and substance. The Italian producer incorporates sparse breaks with sluggish acid basslines and glistening synth pads across the record’s four tracks, even chopping up some Biggie Smalls vocals in the EPs dying moments. Whilst clearly still working off the same influences, there has been an obvious change in artistic direction over the last two years, propelling his songwriting into new and far superior realms.

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