Coming Up | 17/01/2018

Junq – Lila Dreams [Furthur Electronix]

a2076321507_10 (1).jpg

Fledgling label Further Elektronix delivers its third and most anticipated EP to date with Junq‘s Lila Dreams. This may be our favourite Junq release to date: as though he has really explored his own outer-reaches, going further stylistically than he has on previous expeditions. Four tracks of exquisitely programmed electro and breaks always makes for a superb record.


Suba – Wayang [Offen Music]


Vladimir Ivkovic’s Offen Music has been at the forefront of many exciting and intriguing releases over the last few years. Following on from two prior collections of music by Mitar Subotic as Rex Ilusivii (a live recording from 1983 and a reissue of the In The Moon Cage), the label’s first release of 2018 comes from the Serbian producer’s Suba alias. Wayang features eleven tracks recorded prior to the producer’s death at his home in Brazil in 1999: electro and techno-oriented grooves sitting alongside sparse and spooky oddball soundscapes – a fantastic release.

Click here to listen via Rush Hour


Atom TM & Lisokot – Walzerzyklus [Raster]


The latest release from German monolith Raster is the third and final record in Uwe Schmidt (a.k.a. Atom™)’s trilogy for the the imprint, this time collaborating with the Russian singer Lisokot. Gliding through the worlds of the weird and the wonderful, Walzerzlykus, as one would expect from Raster, is an unconventionally beautiful album. Nestled somewhere in between early Pink Floyd and Bjork, the duo find harmony between ethereal vocals and twisted, decaying instrumentals – including an exceptional cover of the Gene Vincent classic ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula’.


Textasy – Dallas Gun Club [Craigie Knowes]


From their annual War Child fundraisers to their Universal Broadcast series, Glasgow-based imprint Craigie Knowes have gone from strength to strength since their recent inception. For only their third solo release in three years they welcome the incredibly exciting producer Textasy to the fold. A much anticipated release at CUR-HQ, Dallas Gun Club  is a ferocious wonder of an EP – hardcore and electro influences meshing in break-driven hysteria to suit all rave tendencies.

Various Artists – Anonymous Delusional Eros [Nous]


Initially scheduled for an October release, the latest compilation from Nous has been pushed back to become their first output of 2018. With previous collaborators such as Dreams and Ayln returning alongside newcomers like D1404 and Agxp, Anonymous Delusional Eros is a deep and dark affair. Minimal, dubby sounds coalesce throughout as the intensity of the record increases from track to track – it’s final moments laden in ferocious percussion and writhing synth patterns. As usual Nous deliver the goods at the start of what promises to be another strong year for the German label.

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