Coming Up | 24/01/2018

Forrest Fang – Scenes From A Ghost Train [Projekt Records]


Layers of virtuality and texture are run to rest and bleed through the gritty crevices of our lonely planet’s soul. Forrest Fang takes your body as this landscape when you find the gift of a power to fully immerse yourself. Poly-rhythmic percolations are exciting, but a vast energy is brought forward, building from three decades of work, consisting of a considerably consistent average of only 2 years for every solo album. Now compositions like these seem to provide the truest mirror of our totality’s energy. Shimmering ambiance drawn from weather, punctuated by the character of micro-ethnicities, strings of love, and woodwind song. The weight of our sea of traffic is given direction by these; by those propelled along, and quelled from, their threads tied between glinting horizons of change. It is Forrest Fang that comes here ‘from a Ghost Train’, producing from our true essence, but reminds us wow, it can be a beautiful scene, hear its colours!

Silvia Kastel – Air Lows [Blackest Ever Black]


One of the most consistent labels of the last few years, London-based Blackest Ever Black kick of the year in exceptional fashion, with the gorgeous, much-anticipated album Air Lows by Silvia Kastel. Following on from three tape releases over the last six years, the Italian producer’s official solo debut LP is warmly welcomed. A highly engaging, engrossing listen, Kastel’s dubby, reverb-laden production style is a perfect match for Air Lows gently written songs. An aptly named record, it is the synergy between the breezy, glistening synths and vocals, and the dark, coursing bass textures that makes this album a thing of new age beauty.

Leslie Winer and Jay Glass Dubs – YMFEES [Bokeh Versions]


The latest release from Bristolian imprint Bokeh Versions comes from a highly interesting collaboration between label regular Jay Glass Dubs and veteran musician and poet Leslie Winer. With a career spanning back to the early 80s, Winer adds her venomous drawl and vivid prose to Jay’s dissonant, spacial productions to dizzying effect. Six-tracks in length, including two shorter instrumental, ambient-oriented pieces, YMFEES is an incredibly meditative record of intoxicating proportions.

Other Lands – Pattern Transform [Firecracker Recordings]


Firecracker‘s twenty-fifth release comes in the form of the Pattern Transform EP – the debut release by Other Lands. A testament to the label’s consistent ability to evolve with the scene, the EP is an eclectic offering of modern house cuts. From the breaks of “Descent into Nasqueron” to the groove packed “Late Feeling Yourself”, Other Lands have provided an EP that really showcases the expansive breadth of house music. We’re really looking forward to hearing what the future holds for the enigmatic producer(s).

Click here to listen via Red Eye Records

Pendant – Make Me Know You Sweet [West Mineral Ltd.]


Brian Leeds has built a reputation as one of the most consistent producers of ambient music over the last seven years, with 2016’s For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) under his Huerco S alias a particularly compelling highlight. Described by Leeds as ‘a Story from Elsewhere’, Make Me Know You Sweet is the first release both under his new alias of Pendant and on the label West Mineral Ltd., also of his creation. The album is a stark journey through glistening, delicately textured oceans of sound – briny and beat-less is our voyage in to the deep, ebbing and flowing between comforting warmth and bone-chilling coolness.

Various Artists – Future Retro, Vol. 2 [Where We Met]


Since its inception in 2017, Where We Met have released two fantastic EPs: a solo effort from Reedale Rise and the first volume of the Future Retro series. The third in the young label’s catalogue see’s the release of Future Retro, Vol. 2 – continuing where the first left off, with five tracks each from different artists new and old. With a sense of intimacy in its production Future Retro, Vol. 2 supplies the electro-oriented goods – dark and gritty in parts but with enough sparsity and warmth to really shine.

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