Coming Up | 08/02/2018

Steve Reich – Pulse / Quartet [Nonesuch]


Some might hang up their boots at the ripe old age of 81, but Steve Reich still explores his passion and is continuing to push and strive for excellence in composition. Here he gives us two studio versions of live performances, with the same groups/ensembles contributing to each composition as they did with the live versions. Although much is lost when transferring a live performance to the studio, this LP still stands firm and grants as much listening pleasure as any of Reich’s previous works.


Soundbwoy Killah – Tell Me [Warehouse Rave]


We’re very excited that our pal Soundbwoy Killah is releasing his first solo EP, and first release since 2015’s joint 12″ with BodyjackTell Me is everything we come to expect from Frazer, both as a DJ and a producer. The first full release on Warehouse Rave, a platform dedicated to the dark club sounds associated with the UK, the EPs four tracks blend breaks, vocals and weighty bass with an air of exciting authenticity, a far cry from other meager pastiches that swamp record stores. This work is it’s own, not just a tribute.


DJ Oil – Heritage [Les Disques De La Mort]


Les Disques De La Morte, the label of Ivan Smagghe and Leon Oakey, present their second release from DJ Oil – the musical activist and producer. Following on from 2016’s fantastic Rain EP, the Marseillean’s slow burning style returns on Heritage. His ability to breathe new life into played-out tropes of house music – in this case the impassioned monologue – is as pertinent as ever, as he expertly winds a speech by Marcus Garvey into the grooving title track. ‘Maybe’ and ‘Brouillage’ follow suit – softly simmering psychedelic experiences slowly unfurling in our minds.

Iury Lech – Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos: Reinterpretaciones [Cocktail D’Amore]


Having reissued Iury Lech’s Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos back in September, Cocktail D’Amore now present four exquisite reinterpretations from the 1990 classic. With a host of exciting names on board such as Powder and Suzanne Kraft, this EP delivers at all four junctures. The Ukrainian’s stunning, sparse compositions are moved into new light by the sonic reinforcements across the record, with Powder’s transformation of ‘Barreras’, and it’s warm trickling hum into a low-key house number a moment of particular inspiration.

Listen here on Juno

4E – Gentle Killer [was / is]


was / is, the sub-label of is / was, dedicated to reissuing old gems continue their recent strong run of releases with 4E’s Gentle Killer, originally released back in 1996 on Sockett. Bleeps, bloops, and squiggly melodies run throughout the record. This is exhibited particularly effectively on ‘Warm Leatherette’ – complete with echoing breaks and spacious synths for an altogether fantastic listen.



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