Coming Up | 22/02/2018

Sign Libra – Closer To The Equator [Antinote]


Looking back over their six years of existence Antinote write that they ‘have systematically been asked the question “What kind of music are you releasing?” and it has not been an easy one…’ Certainly their latest release won’t make this quandary any less perplexing for them, that is unless they think a response of ‘wonderful music’ alongside a copy of Sign Libra’s Closer To The Equator to be sufficient. Indeed, their latest album is certainly up their with the best of the label’s output. The work of Latvian artist Agata Melnikova, the six-track record is awash with glorious melodies and soundscapes – an orchestral suite for some future imagined long ago.


Terekke – Improvisational Loops [Music From Memory]


They just can’t do no wrong, can they? Music From Memory’s second release of 2018 is, yet again, a stunner. Following on from the Kuniyuki Takahashi’s Early Tape Works compilation comes the second LP in the last six months from Matt Gardner, a.k.a. Terekke. Having previously released solely via L.I.E.S., Gardner’s first excursion elsewhere features one previously released digital track (‘wav1’) aside seven  unreleased compositions, all in his distinctive, lo-fi, ambient style.


Detroit Syndrome – COUNT 02 [Counter 99]


Detroit Syndrome, a new alias of Nummer, serve up the second record on Counter 99, the recently established sub label of Going Good Records. Weightless, entrancing techno lies within, with waves of dreamy, luscious pads washing over the crescents of the mind. It was to be expected that a release associated with Going Good was as the name suggests, but a release of this calibre comes only too rarely.


Ryuichi Sakamoto – Async Remodels [Milan Records]


A long time in the works, this LP of remixes of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s 2017 album Async was certainly worth the wait. Featuring the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca and Andy Stott – Milan Records brought a slew of big and exciting names together to provide twelve fresh spins on the Japanese masters’ creations. With remixes ranging from gentle house jams to dark, throbbing drone, there really is something for everyone here, with Yves Tumor’s Obsession Edit of ‘Zure’ a standout moment for us.

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