Coming Up | 21/03/2018

Low Jack – Riddims Du Lieu-Dit [Editions Gravats]


First off this week let us point you in the direction to the work of a man swiftly becoming one of our favourite producers. Released via his own Editions Gravats imprint, Low Jack’s Riddims Du Lieu-Dit is a vivid, rumbling collection of dancehall-oriented oddities. The first in the label’s Les Disques de la Bretagne series of releases, the record comprises eight reworkings of tracks produced for the Glacial Dancehall 2 tape alongside Time Cow of Equiknoxx. Flitting between slow, heavy jams and more abrupt, dubby numbers, Low Jack succeeds in producing a truly superb album.

James Shinra – Supernova [Analogical Force]


James Clarke? Shinra? James Shinra? What’s important here is how good a producer this guy is. Having kicked things off with a string of digital releases in the mid to late 00s, the London-based producer came back from hiatus with a fantastic EP for null+void in 2015. His latest effort, returning to Analogical Force, is one of his best yet. Supernova encapsulates Shinra’s pulsating, overtly emotional take on electro, flitting between BPM’s across the EP’s four tracks, with the melancholic ecstasy of closing number ‘Interstellar’ a particularly poignant moment.

Essaie Pas – New Path [DFA Records]


Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau return to their Essaie Pas project with their second LP for James Murphy’s DFA Records. New Path, whilst not differing too much stylistically from the gothic, nu-romanticised techno offered up on previous records, provides expertly imagined songs – immense in their darkness, empowered by emotion.

object blue – Do you plan to end a siege? [Tobago Tracks]


object blue’s debut EP, released on London-based imprint Tobago Tracks, is a pulsating, thrilling experience – three club-ready tracks that keep the listener guessing at every corner. Claps, hats, kicks and thuds rule supreme on Do you plan to end a siege? – produced by an artist with a clear understanding of the rhythmic possibilities afforded by such close attentiveness to a song’s percussive elements. High end melodies, synth work and vocal samples take up a secondary position, floating dreamily amidst a sea of drums and bass – we can’t wait to hear more.

Violet & Bleid – Badness EP [naive]


The second record from naive comes as a collaboration from label-boss Violet with good friend and frequent collaborator Bleid. The pair contribute a solo track each (‘Abyss’ and ‘Wall’ respectively) to complement ‘Badness’ and ‘Toxic’. Badness is an EP full of hedonistic energy – powerful, hardcore-inspired rhythms propped up by acid basslines and pulsing percussion.

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