Coming Up | 12/04/2018

Saint Abdullah – Stars Have Eyes [Purple Tape Pedigree]


‘We were in an angry state of mind when we made these tracks’, proclaim Saint Abdullah. ‘It began around the same time the US condemned Syria and Assad for the use of chemical weapons.’ With tensions between the US, Russia and the Assad regime intensifying over the last seven days Stars Have Eyes takes on an even greater poignancy. The work of Iranian-Canadian brothers Mohammad and Mehdi, Saint Abdullah’s second album combines field recordings from the streets of Tehran with wild, expansive instrumentation. Beginning with ‘Taxi Ride Through Tehran’, a 17 minute long track of pure deterioration, Stars Have Eyes is a true sonic voyage, harrowing yet beautiful in equal measure.

Roza Terenzi – Mwah [Kalahari Oyster Cult]


One of the most exciting artists to emerge onto the international stage over the last year, Melbourne’s Roza Terenzi has released a slew of excellent airy house EPs and is showing no signs of slowing up. Mwah is awash with the breakbeat-oriented house music upon with Terenzi has built her reputation – trippy, luscious music resonating deep within the aural mind. There are no stand out moments on this EP, simply because each track is just as good as that which proceeded it. That collaboration with DJ Zozi can’t come out soon enough…

SK U KNO – U KNO [No Label]


Born in LA, based in Amsterdam, Diego Herrera, better known as Dude Energy and Suzanne Kraft pulls another terrific record out the bag with the self released four tracker U KNO.  A gentle yet powerful EP, ice cold synthesizers blend majestically with lightly plucked guitar melodies and percussion embedded so deep within the music it verges on non-existent. At times swamped in reverb, at others clear as crystal, this is another intriguingly excellent addition to an already marvelous back catalog.

Jaures – Lafcadio Champsai [Die Orakel]


Fresh off releasing the track ‘TRI’ as the fifth edition of Whities dubplate series, Jaures returns to Die Orakel with a vengeance. Lafcadio Champsai is a truly fantastic 12″. A-side ‘Cba Quake’ begins in dark, ominous waters, steadily filling out before bursting into climactic euphoria. Powerful synth melodies abound as Jaures transports us back into the early 1980’s world of new wave and Italo-boogie sounds. On the flip ‘Galvan’ presents a more subdued moment: pulsating, foreboding, where the a-side shouts, the b-side whispers, yet the words remain the same.

LNS – Recons One [LNS]


Our second self-released EP this week comes from producer and DJ LNS. With a host of releases under her belt for labels such as 1080p and alongside DJ Sotofett and his Sex Tags imprint, the Canadian produces a singular yet diverse EP. Whilst the A-side comprises three lo-fi electro-oriented jams, on the flip techno takes over, in broken, deconstructed fashion. Across the entirety of the Recons One however is that same ambient tinge that marks so much of LNS’ work as a producer – silkily cosmic yet still with an earthy, natural flavour that makes it so easily digestible.

Listen to previews via Juno

Mind Safari – The Dream Manipulator [Jacktone Records]


Now, this truly is an exciting project to sink your teeth into. Doc Sleep’s ever impressive Jacktone Records imprint profess to specialize ‘in techno, house, ambient and experimental electronics’. On The Dream Manipulator Mind Safari give us all that and then some. Moody electro sitting beside euphoric trance, bleepy techno sandwiched between scatty ambient musings, and all accompanied by some of the year’s best artwork? We’re not sure there’s much more we could ask for.

Project Pablo – There’s Always More At The Store [Technicolour Records]


Rounding off the release highlights for this week is the perennially positive Project Pablo. 2015’s I Want To Believe set the tone for the Canadian’s light-hearted, grooving style, and naturally attached him to the glut of slightly lo-fi deep house flooding the airwaves around that time. With Patrick Holland however, there was always more than met the eye. There’s Always More At The Store is evident of this, beyond the mere name. The superb ‘Less and Less’ takes clear influence from the sounds of UK Garage and electro, whilst ‘Last Day’ consists of a sole piano melody looped over and over, reverberating and deteriorating into a blissful silence. A wonderful EP.

…and while you’re up here…

Fresh off her recent release on Tobago Tracks, Object Blue delivers this stupendous mix for Aidan Hanratty’s Bandcloud Guest Mix series.

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