CUR Mix 022 | Almaty

We’re absolutely delighted to bring you this wonderful mix from Copenhagen-based DJ Almaty! After stumbling upon her Raving Recorder mix @ Intonal Electronic Picnic (make sure to check that out!), we found ourselves incredibly excited by her lurid blending of breaks, trance and hardcore sounds, feeling a real connection with her style of DJing. The […]

CUR Mix 018 | Dawl

For our eighteenth mix we are absolutely delighted to present two hours of pure wizardry from Dawl. His vast DJing experience is evident throughout; exhibiting expert technical skill alongside an impeccable taste for hardcore, electro, acid and more. Besides his prolific output as a DJ, as a producer Dawl has worked extensively, often alongside partner […]

CUR Mix 017 | Narco Marco – ‘The Real G Way Down to Rimini’

On a late summers eve, a roofless car winds its way delicately down the roads that line Italy’s glistening Adriatic coast. Rising above the roaring engine and rushing wind comes an ode to love lost, accompanied by the carefree groove of Linn’s LM-2. For our seventeenth edition Marc Matsuki a.k.a. Narco Marco, takes us on […]